OK, you still want to see students F2F–faculty interactions after all are consistently cited as the most important learning opportunity in college. (Keep in mind, students ra[...]
The first day of class is a terrific opportunity to motivate students, demonstrate why your subject matters, create a greater sense of wonder, and surprise students with how your c[...]
Just in time for your fall prep, Garin Horner and Michelle Hiscock have produced an amazing and searchable list of FREE online technology for the classroom.  All of the basics plus[...]
Free Rice: Start by playing a few rounds of Free Rice, a free quiz site that donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Program  for each correct answer.  Your students will love [...]
It’s summer and time to try something new.  Digital Content If you still think that your lectures are the only way students can discover new subjects or ideas, then try Googl[...]
As a dean, I have to make hard decisions every day. Since I often articulate the reason for the decision (see rule no 4) I figured I could actually write them down. I have no idea [...]
Three new studies raise important questions about merit scholarships. Are they really based on merit? Are they advancing the mission of our institutions? Are they doing any good an[...]
While lots of us have tried “flipping” classrooms, some folks are more hesitant about MOOCs, but they are really the “flip” sides of the coin. (Sorry…[...]
Universities are like doctors that only accept well patients or gyms that require fitness for admission. If you need to lose weight, you should pick a gym that helps people lose we[...]