Book Discussions (90-120m)

A great day to model the method is to have faculty or administrators read the book and come up with questions for discussion. I can then create the most value on campus just like I suggest we do in the classroom, by focusing on the challenges and helping implement unique solutions.

Strategic Planning

The new book, Transforming the University: Educating for Change is going to be a comprehensive guide to strategic planning in the post-tech era of higher education. My thesis is that since campus education costs so much more than the online competition, it will need to be efficient in new ways, largely by integrating all of the most expensive things we do into a product that has clear and unique value.  Student learning, and growth will need to be at the center, but each campus will need unique and specific goals. Strategic planning, then will need to be more comprehensive: we will not be able to think of athletics or student health as separate issues: everything needs to be connected to mission if we are to survive. I will begin running previews and providing campus workshops in 2014.

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