Teaching Naked Techniques: A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes by José Antonio Bowen and C. Edward Watson is now available (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2017).  Early revi[...]
I just spent a couple of days at the Reacting to the Past  16th annual institute at Barnard last week. Reacting was first developed by Mark Carnes (who has now written an excellent[...]
As Andrew DelBarco, director of American studies at Columbia University, notes, most of the media discussion today tells us very little about “what a good college ought to be” and [...]
Most liberal arts colleges still have some general-education requirements, although many only require some distribution of academic areas (as a new study this week confirms). We ar[...]
In part two of our discussion about general education, we saw how making the bachelor’s degree a prerequisite for professional school create the U.S. liberal arts curriculum, but s[...]
For most institutions, this core liberal arts mission happens in the general education curriculum, a unique feature of U.S. higher education. Today, we have two broad types of gene[...]
At Goucher College, we are rethinking our curriculum. Specifically, we’re asking: What is the core of a liberal arts degree? What is general education in that context? And what is [...]
Eddie Watson (Dir of the CTL at the U of Georgia) and I are working on a new Teaching Naked Handbook that will be published by Wiley next year.  It will be full of practical advice[...]
This is the last segment of a three-part blog series that I mentioned in a recent video that is meant to get students and parents to relax about locking in a college major. In the [...]