Since I suggested that getting rid of grades might be the single easiest way to focus faculty attention on more meaningful assessment, I’ve been thinking about the alternatives. On[...]
Should universities be worrying about branding? Discuss. It’s big news on college campuses that the CMO’s have arrived, but the outside world is wondering what took so long. The WS[...]
Almost everyone in higher education is now worried. There are new pressures for accountability, new online competition and now the sequester.  It also seems at last, as if the grea[...]
Educational psychologist, Marilla Svinicki has analyzed the potential learning in MOOCs in the National Teaching and Learning Forum (December 23, 2012 and reproduced in Tomorrow[...]
Most successful organizations are careful to align key practices with the mission. How do grades support our mission? If the goal of college is to open minds, facilitate change, ex[...]
The University of Wisconsin has announced the first Bachelor’s degree option to online students based on competency. College Degree, No Class Time Required University of Wisc[...]
If the thought of all of that free online competition or the declining number of high school graduates was not keeping you up at night, here is another trend to get you worrying. T[...]
MOOCs are now for credit. At first, MOOCs seemed harmless enough. Yak herders in Tibet could “audit” courses at Yale or MIT: elite universities were giving away an impo[...]
I’ve read two great books about college students recently. Ken Bain’s What the Best College Students Do (Harvard, 2012) deeply influenced my teaching this fall as he de[...]