Sample National News

New York Times (Frank Bruni):The Real Campus Scourge (Sept 2, 2017)

CBS News College Admissions and the Goucher Video Application (April 9, 2016)

The Chronicle of Higher Education (front page): The Improvisational President (Feb 8, 2016)

Washington Post: Video Application a Success (Feb 18, 2016)

Wall Street Journal: Does Technology Belong in Classroom Instruction? (May 10, 2015)

PBS NewsHour: José Antonio Bowen Interview with Jeffrey Brown about the Goucher Video Application (Sept 4, 2014)

New York Times: A Conversation with Goucher’s New Presiden

Time Magazine, The Radical New Ways Colleges Are Sizing Up Students (April 18, 2016)

New York Times: Colleges Make It Easier for Students to Show, Not Tell, in Their Applications 

NPR (Weekend Edition): http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111872191

TED Talks

José Antonio Bowen:Beethoven the Businessman (109,000 view)

José Antonio Bowen: Teaching Naked and the Classroom as Edifice

Sample Media Coverage for Teaching Naked

Chronicle of Higher Education – Feature story and video about “teaching naked,” (7/24)  http://chronicle.com/article/Teach-Naked-Effort-Strips/47398/

Moody Radio: http://moodyradiopaulbutler.wordpress.com/2009/08/18/technology-in-the-classroom/

The Atlantic.com – (7/22) http://ideas.theatlantic.com/2009/07/teaching_naked.php

U.S. News & World Report education blog www.usnews.com/blogs/paper-trail/2009/08/18/should-your-professor-get-naked.html

Wall Street Journal, “Speaking Truth to PowerPoint” (7/31) http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204619004574318473921093400.html

HereandNow Program WBUR.org (8/15) http://www.hereandnow.org/2009/09/rundown-915/

USAToday, (10/6) http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2009-10-05-college-technology_N.htm

Newsweek – Story by Susan Greenberg on taking technology out of classrooms focusing on Jose’s “teaching naked” proposals (9/17) http://www.blog.newsweek.com/blogs/wealthofnations/archive/2009/09/17/taking-technology-out-of-classrooms.aspx

Chronicle of Higher Education- Try Teaching Naked 7/21/2009

Further Teaching Naked Stories and Blogs

 Video about Teaching Naked and the Future of Residential Campus Life

Australiannews.com – Mention of Jose’s Chronicle of Higher Ed story (7/23)
Bob Cargill blog – Disagreement with Jose’s “teaching naked” idea (7/22)
Campus Connection (U. of Wisconsin) – Editorial commentary on Jose’s Chron. of Higher Ed story (7/21)
D Magazine Frontburner – Jose’s “teaching naked” campaign (7/27)
Daily Nebraskan – Story by student Adam Ziegler on Jose’s “teaching naked” campaign with Marty Sweidel interview (8/9)
Daily Texan (UT) – Editorial commentary on Jose’s Chronicle of Higher Ed “teaching naked” story (7/21)
Detroit Free Press – Story on tech investments at Michigan colleges incl. interview with Jose re “teaching naked” (9/15)
Education Week Blogs – Commentary on “teaching naked” (7/28)
Happykatie.com – Jose Bowen’s “teaching naked” ideas (8/10)
Ideasandthoughts.org – Blog comments about Jose Bowen’s “teaching naked” movement (7/31)
http://ideasandthoughts.org/2009/07/31/whats-so-good-about-face-to-face/#comments <http://ideasandthoughts.org/2009/07/31/whats-so-good-about-face-to-face/#comments>
Individual.com – Pickup of Detroit Free Press story (9/16)
International Business Times.com – Story on Jose Bowen’s “teaching naked” ideas (8/20)
Is-tech.blogspot.com – Commentary on Jose Bowen’s “teaching naked” movement (8/24)
http://is-tech.blogspot.com/2009/08/teaching-naked.html <http://is-tech.blogspot.com/2009/08/teaching-naked.html>
Readmore blog – Editorial commentary on Jose’s Chronicle of Higher Ed story (7/21)
SMU Daily Campus – Story and interview by Taylor Adams (9/17)
TaxProf Blog – Editorial commentary on Jose’s Chronicle of Higher Ed story (7/20)
TMC.net – Pickup of Detroit Free Press story (9/15)
Twitter.com – “teaching naked” commentary (8/21)
Unogateway.com – Adam Ziegler’s article on Jose Bowen’s “teaching naked” ideas with quotes  by Marty Sweidel (8/28)
Uwire.com – Pickup of Daily Nebraskan story on Jose’s “teaching naked” campaign with Marty Sweidel interview (8/9)

Goucher College:

Tuition Freeze: Fox News Baltimore

Video Application: PBS “NewsHour”: Can a cell phone video get your kid into college?

WBAL-TV: Goucher accepting videos as part of application

WMAR-TV: A two-minute selfie in place of a long essay for admissions at Goucher College

WJZ-TV: Goucher College Now Accepting Videos From Applicants











Media coverage of Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology

Radio interviews

  • WBGO/Newark – interview about Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology, aired Mar 29


  • WNYC/New York – interview about Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology, aired live on 25 Mar


Major blogs

Other blogs, websites, list-serves

  • Bebopified blog, Mar 22


  • The Revivalist website, Eric Luecking, Mar 29


  • Speakeasy jazz list-serve – ongoing


  • Ejazzlines – thumbnail review


Press Highlights

  • Guitar Player Magazine: JTSA review, run date Aug’11 issue. 
  • Capitalbop BLOG (DC) {#2}: JTSA given high praise by CB’s blogger in an (unrelated) interview with NPR’s A Blog Supreme, posted and cross-posted 6-14-11.
  • JazzFlits [NL]: JTSA review, posted 6-13-11.
  • Vermont Public Radio: JTSA multiple trks played on “Jazz with George” program, aired [on 24 stations] 6-10-11|posted 6-12-11.
  • Radio 3|BBC forum [UK]: JTSA discussed plus entire thread history listed, posted 6-10-11.
  • The Guardian [UK]: JTSA review, ran|posted 6-9-11.
  • Myspace.com: JTSA review, posted 6-9-11.
  • Worldnews.com [UK]: JTSA review, posted 6-9-11.
  • AudioKarma.org forum: JTSA discussion, featured with artwork and full track list, posted 6-7 and 6-8-11.
  • {Dutch Newspaper’s name?} [NL]: JTSA review, posted 6-7-11.
  • Radio Russia [RU]: JTSA interview w/ executive committee|compiler John Hasse, part 1, aired|posted 6-4-11.
  • In The Groove Magazine: JTSA review in “Anything Phonographic” column, currently running June-July’11 issue.
  • Stereophile Magazine: JTSA review, currently running June’11 issue.
  • New York City Jazz Record: JTSA review, currently running June’11 issue.
  • GuitarPlayer.com: JTSA video in “Unboxed” segment, posted 5-28-11.
  • YouTube.com: JTSA video featuring executive committee|compiler John Hasse, posted 5-25-11.
  • the-inheritance-cycle [Tokelau, South Pacific]: JTSA e-gallery, posted 5-18-11.
  • ABC Classic FM|limelightmagazine.com [AU]: JTSA airplay, 3 tracks, on syndicated “Jazztrack” program, playlist posted 5-17-11|aired 5-28-11.
  • topix.com (DC): JTSA news item, posted 5-17-11.
  • Lehigh Valley Music BLOG: JTSA review, posted 5-17-11.
  • Jazz Times Magazine {#2}: JTSA feature|interview [w/ box set’s Producer, SMF’s Richard James Burgess], ran May’11 issue.
  • Washington Flyer Magazine (DC): JTSA featured as an editor’s “Great Finds,” currently running, May-June’11 issue.
  • The Financial Times: JTSA review, ran|posted 4-29-11.
  • AmericanTowns.com: JTSA review, posted 4-29-11.
  • The Wall Street Journal: JTSA review, ran|posted 4-28-11.
  • MuckRack.com: JTSA item, posted 4-28-11.
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  • The Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, MA): JTSA review, posted 4-28-11.
  • yahoo7.com.au [AU]: JTSA review, posted 4-27-11.
  • The West Australian [AU & UK]: JTSA review, ran|posted 4-27-11.
  • Yahoo!Xtra News [NZ]: JTSA review, posted 4-27-11.
  • Popmatters.com: JTSA review, posted 4-26-11.
  • AZcentral.com: JTSA review, posted 4-26-11.
  • The Bellingham Herald (WA): JTSA review, posted 4-26-11.
  • The Republic (Columbus, IN): JTSA review, ran|posted 4-26-11.
  • The Seattle Times (WA): JTSA review in Sunday “Arts” section, {rescheduled} run date 4-24-11.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO): JTSA review in Sunday “Arts” section, ran 4-24-11.  
  • The Nation|Altercation BLOG: JTSA review, posted 4-22-11.
  • The Montgomery Advertiser (AL): JTSA review, ran|posted 4-21-11.
  • USATODAY.com|Topics Page (Utah): JTSA item, posted 4-19-11.
  • MusicWestchesterReviews.com [UK]: JTSA feature page, posted 4-19-11.
  • moderndestiny.com: JTSA capsule review, posted 4-18-11.
  • Gear Patrol BLOG: JTSA capsule review, posted 4-18-11.
  • Glam.com: JTSA capsule review, posted 4-18-11.
  • ARTSjournal.com|aboutlastnight BLOG: JTSA featured on “new things we’ve liked” TOP FIVE list, posted 4-18-11.
  • SANGSOUVANH KHOUNVICHIT tumblr~BLOG: JTSA item, posted 4-18-11.
  • American Routes tumblr~BLOG: JTSA news item, posted 4-14-11.
  • WEAA (Baltimore, MD): JTSA interview* on “The Marc Steiner Show” [*with box set Producer, Richard James Burgess], aired 4-14-11.
  • 20minutos.es [Spain]: JTSA review, posted 4-12-11.
  • spokenword.org: JTSA WFIU program podcast, posted on 4-12-11.
  • WFIU|Artworks BLOG: JTSA feature|interview [with one of the box set’s compilers, David Baker], posted 4-12-11.
  • Vanity Fair|VF BLOG: JTSA feature with Mary Lou Williams track, posted on 4-11-11.
  • AOL Music: JTSA featured with “Real Time Music News” url links to various other press hits on Richard James Burgess’ “Artist” page, posted 4-10-11.
  • Voice of America Radio: JTSA interview* with Russ Davis’  “Jazz America” [*w/ box set compiler, John Hasse], aired 4-9 & 4-10-11.
  • takeblues.com|A Jazz eSCAPE: JTSA feature|review, posted 4-8-11.
  • Music Jazz BLOG: JTSA feature|review, posted 4-8-11.
  • InstantEncore.com: JTSA review, posted 4-7-11.
  • Los Angeles Times|Culture Monster BLOG: JTSA review, posted 4-7-11.
  • KERA |Art&Seek (Dallas, TX): JTSA feature|interview [w/ box set compiler José Bowen, Dean of SMU’s School of Music], posted|aired 4-5-11.
  • blackgrooves.org: JTSA feature|review, posted 4-4-11.
  • NBC|WCSH TV {Channel 6} (Portland, ME): JTSA featured in Chris Brown|Bull Moose weekly segment, aired 4-4-11.
  • WUMR (Memphis, TN): JTSA feature page, posted 4-3-11.
  • The Georgetowner (DC): JSTA Politics & Prose panel discussion in-store event listing, posted 4-2-11. {Bi-weekly newspaper}
  • zvents.com (DC): JSTA Politics & Prose in-store panel discussion live events listing, posted 4-2-11.
  • News and Messenger|InsideNova.com (Manassas & Stafford, VA): JSTA Politics & Prose panel discussion in-store live events listing, posted and Tweeted 4-2-11.
  • culturaltourismDC.org: JSTA Politics & Prose panel discussion in-store “program Jazz” calendar, posted 4-2-11.
  • Capitalbop BLOG (DC) {#1}: JSTA Politics & Prose panel discussion in-store live events listing, posted 4-2-11.
  • NPR|A Blog Supreme {#3}: JTSA featured in weekly Jazz news wrap-up, posted 4-1-11.
  • The Buffalo News (NY): JTSA review, ran 4-1-11.
  • Associated Press: JTSA review (syndicated), ran 4-1-11. {*as of 4-12-11, review was picked up by/ran in 67 media outlets globally}
  • breitbart.com: JTSA new release listing with box cover artwork, posted 4-1-11.
  • Billboard: JTSA review, ran|posted 4-1-11.
  • Jazz Times Magazine {#1}: JTSA review, running Apr’11 issue. 
  • Downbeat Magazine {#1}: JTSA story|interview*, [front issue placement] in “The Beat” section [*w/ box set Producer, RJB & (2) compilers, Dan Morgenstern / John Hasse], ran Apr’11 issue.
  • Jazziz Magazine: JTSA review and track inclusion on “All Women” ‘ride-along’ CD sampler, running Spring’11 issue.
  • werd.com: JTSA review, posted Apr’11.
  • CBS Radio News: JTSA segment, syndicated, aired 3-31-11.
  • Smithsonian Newsdesk|newsdesk.si.edu: JTSA new release press release, posted 3-29-11.
  • WBGO (Newark, NJ): JTSA interview* on Josh Jackson’s “The Checkout” show [*w/ box set Producer, Richard James Burgess & (2) of the box set’s compilers, Dan Morgenstern  / John Hasse], aired 3-29-11.
  • CoolHunting.com: JTSA feature in “Culture” section, posted 3-29-11.
  • Hasta la Design BLOG: JTSA street date feature on “Culture” page, posted 3-29-11.
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  • ejazzlines.com: JTSA review, posted 3-28-11.
  • AllAboutJazz.com {#2}: picked up TIME Magazine’s JTSA coverage, reposted 3-26-11.
  • The Asbury Park Press (NJ): JTSA included in “Jazz & Blues” feature, ran 3-24-11.
  • Time Magazine: JTSA 2-page feature in “Culture” section, ran 3-25-11 issue and 11 page e-photo gallery slide-show w/ caption excerpts from the piece, posted 3-25-11.
  • WNYC (NY): JTSA interview|panel* on “The Leonard Lopate Show” [*w/ box set Producer, Richard James Burgess & two compilers, Dan Morgenstern / John Hasse], aired 3-25-11.
  • Straight No Chaser|A Jazz Show BLOG: JTSA review, ran 3-21-11.
  • Armwood Jazz BLOG: JTSA feature, posted 3-20-11.
  • The New York Times: JTSA feature in “Arts & Leisure” section, ran 3-20-11.
  • NPR|A Blog Supreme {#2}: JTSA featured in weekly Jazz news wrap-up, posted 3-18-11.
  • NPR|PRI|The Tavis Smiley Show: JTSA segment|interview [w/ box set’s Producer, SMF’s Richard James Burgess], aired 3-18-11.
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  • The Denver Post|The Reverb BLOG: Included in a Medeski, Martin & Wood Boulder Theatre show live review, Medeski, Martin & Wood’s announcement from the stage is quoted re: their inclusion on JTSA, posted 3-7-11.
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